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In response to: Mickael Maddison 0:0 through 9:(-1)

Dom [Visitor] ·
We are honored to be able to play your music on our station!! Great stuff!
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In response to: Sears is bass ackwards

Cherrie [Visitor]
I think you are mistaken Mickael..
There is a $3 handling fee on all orders..whether it be catalogue or internet..whether you pay COD or use a credit card..its the same fee...I know its non refundable but if you need to reorder a diff size etc...they will waive that fee if you let them know..
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In response to: Sears is bass ackwards

thomas [Visitor]
i was a manager for in my local store, if we didnt have it in the store, i ordered it for you on, shipped it to your house for NO extra charge, No other fees, just the cost of the item. if it was wrong size or anything like that a packing slip was included, you just make a phone call for the delivery people to pick iy up, NO cost to you, as soon as the item got back to the warehouse, you received a FULL refund, plus you could always change it out at a local store (any store in the country) for a gift card, a refund, or new merchandise, hmmmm sounds like a good deal, also if you pay $79 per year, free shipping on most orders, sounds like amazon huh? people like that at amazon but will critisize it at sears, doesnt sound fair does it?
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In response to: It only gets worse with Sears

Concerned Consumer [Visitor]
Sears is horrible.

They made a mistake on an account - refuse to see the error and we have to pay over $50 for their mistake.
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In response to: Damned to see the Doctor?

Mike [Visitor] ·
Note: Murphy's Law was at play. I arrived at the Clinic to find it "should" be closed, but for whatever reason they stayed open an extra hour and I arrived 5 minutes before closing. The place was empty and I was ushered right in. I got the prescription and it was just under $25. Go figure!
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In response to: Sears is bass ackwards

Kim [Visitor]
Something has clearly gone wrong in the growth of Sears Canada. On top of their discouraging attitude toward shopping in the most modern, convenient way (the internet, of course!), they seem to be falling down on quality control as well. In our local Sears store, I recently saw a shelf-full of a certain children's toy that was recalled for major safety concerns at least two weeks previously.
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In response to: Sugarblade + Mickael Maddison + Hollowpoint

Jeff [Visitor]
That band Hollowpoint is a bunch of loud, drunk, potty-mouths. Exactly what a band should be! Way to go guys! Jeff.
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In response to: What the heck is up with Opus?

Mickael Maddison [Member] ·
Hey James!
We played down there with The Mercutios and Kimono Red back on August 4th. Right now we're working on a show with The Mercutios up here in Kamloops, and we're hoping to head back to Vancouver to play sometime in the next couple months. Hope to see you there!
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In response to: What the heck is up with Opus?

James Andres [Visitor] ·
It's great to hear your stuff on Project Opus Mickael!

Tuning in right now in fact ... :-)

Got any trips to Vancouver planned, or do you play in Kamloops mostly?


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In response to: Rocking out in 40 degree C. weather

Guy [Visitor]
What time is the show at the Waldorf? I'm hoping to be able to make it.
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In response to: Rocking out in 40 degree C. weather

Arjun Singh [Visitor] ·
Hello Mike - I am truly sorry I missed your live debut. I had to make a difficult choice. I am sure you ROCKED, my good friend.
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In response to: Rocking to Viv Savage

Jesse [Visitor]
hey mike that was a lot of unnecessary writing. All you needed to do was say "ViV SAVAGE is so good they make my nipples itch."
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In response to: Rocking to Viv Savage

Mickael Maddison [Member] ·
I got the CD today. Looks good, sounds great, and best of all, I'm in the "thank you's".... LOL!
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In response to: Rocking to Viv Savage

Mickael Maddison [Member] ·
Must have been huge congestion... the MP3's usually come through well even when I've got my network loaded up fairly heavily -- but it happens.

So far my favorite track has been Three Cheers.
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In response to: Rocking to Viv Savage

Dave [Visitor] ·
I tried to listen to a few of their tracks but my internet connection was too slow. I like their sound and would love to hear a song all the way through. 'Missing Pieces' good riff.
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In response to: I won a trip for 2 to Yugoslavia

Mickael Maddison [Member] ·
Glad I had you going, if only for a second!
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In response to: I won a trip for 2 to Yugoslavia

Arjun Singh [Visitor] ·
had me for a second, til I glanced at the date. Very good one Mike.
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In response to: King Size Suzi rocks the grand hall

Alexzi [Visitor]
I love King Size Suzi I think that they are one of the best bands around! Their music is amazing, and I am looking forward to hearing more from them.
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In response to: The Local Scene - Mickael Maddison

Mickael Maddison [Member] ·
I even knew that... I was in a rush... sorry about the typo. I've fixed it.
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In response to: The Local Scene - Mickael Maddison

Robyn Roste [Visitor] ·
actually, it's 'Robyn'. No 'i'
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