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In response to: It only gets worse with Sears

Concerned Consumer [Visitor]
Sears is horrible.

They made a mistake on an account - refuse to see the error and we have to pay over $50 for their mistake.
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In response to: DDOS hits Tucows

Ben [Visitor]
girl got game manga downloads
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In response to: Microsoft sets out to alienate PC Enthusasts

conficio [Visitor] ·
Good point,
I'm considering my attempts to move to Linux again, as I did two years ago. Windows costs me too much money, especially if I add in the hazzle to repair the crashing system from time to time. It also requires me with every "upgrade" to buy a more beefy machine.

For example I have no use for fancy graphics or 3D animations. I always disable the fade-in animations of WinXP ASAP, because they only eat my CPU cycles w/o adding anything of value. Now for Vista I need realistically a 4GB (yes I use 1-2 GB for actual work and Vista needs 1-2 GB just to run properly) machine with high end, expensive graphic card, for no good reason.

I think I'll give it a try with Linux as well and install my needed Windows for the few things I need it for as a VM.

P.S.: If you are a fan of, check out my Plan-B - support for non technical users.
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In response to: Look out Heroes

I heard those Surrey flakes suck live, but I AM looking forward to Mike Maddison...
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In response to: Decked out with tension

Mickael Maddison [Member] ·
Jealous? This coming from the Guy that's heading to Ecuador soon? The Guy that worked in Korea? Nah.

I enjoyed the challenge of problem-solving more than actually building the deck. Fortunately it was just a simple maintenance fix than anything else.

I'm looking forward to your posts about your trip!
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In response to: Decked out with tension

Guy [Visitor]
Fun stuff! I'm sure it was frustrating to havee it happen, but I have to admit to being a little jealous. I'm not much of a physical labour kinda Guy, but your story actually had me itching to do something construction-y.
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In response to: Don't forget your domain name!

Bart [Visitor] ·
Excellent advice. I recommend using a hosting service to take care of all your hosting and web design needs. That way you are free to attend to business matters you have knowledge in.
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In response to: Database driven web sites suck!

Dave [Visitor] ·
Here's a site with lots of good content & articles about web design.

Commenting on their blog with some of your expertise might be a good idea!
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In response to: Anti-Spam, Anti-Virus Conspiracy theory?

Snap Up [Visitor] ·
Mike, that is a fantastic article! Indeed, there does need to be a revolution. With the internet creating so many small businesses, they definitely carry a clout when they unite behind a cause.

With such quality writing, why don't you add Technorati & to your blog so it can be distributed on broader networks?
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In response to: I've been waiting for this for a long time

Mickael Maddison [Member] ·
A good review of this technology can be found at:

In a nutshell, the product is good, and does have some benefit in performance, however, due to the limitation in SATA performance the board doesn't make full use of the RAM performance potential. The general consensus is to await for a new release of the product which supports SATA II and more than 4GB of storage space.
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In response to: Technical Difficulties

Arjun Singh [Visitor] ·
Hey Mike - I think they are doing some moving around in the server room at City Hall and this might be the cause. I still can't get on the city web site (its Sun, Jan15). Hopefully they get this fixed tomorrow.
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In response to: An interview with Suzi Rawn

my website's name is: to be confused with the "s" my computer put in for the word percent.

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In response to: An interview with Suzi Rawn

oops i fixed the name of my website it was wrong...anyways, I LOVEE King Size Suzi!
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In response to: An interview with Suzi Rawn

Suzi is much more than cool! She's amazing! Her music is really fantastic, and I love the band and have a CD. I especially like the song, "Bad Dream." I have even made a binder about King Size Suzi!
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In response to: 520,165 bytes for your kids?

Kim [Visitor]
I was very impressed with Although not really falling into the category of either a young reader or an ESL student, I found the articles enjoyable to read and very informative. For anyone with time constraints, is an excellent overview of world events.
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In response to: An interview with Suzi Rawn

jocelyn [Visitor] ·
she is cool very cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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In response to: An interview with Suzi Rawn

jocelyn [Visitor] ·
i think suzie has a very nice voice!!!
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In response to: Just bring water to the desert!

Mickael Maddison [Member] ·
Lizards? We don't need no stinking lizards.

Seriously though. I'm sure there'd be some displacement of wildlife, but I don't expect the entire desert would end up flooded... the lizards could slowly crawl elsewhere as the water flows by.
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In response to: Turning the Tables on the Media?

Insta Marv [Visitor] ·
That's excellent - as a former TRU grad (with honours: boo-yaa!) it is refreshing to see someone with integrity doing well. Congrats Robyn!
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In response to: Just bring water to the desert!

Insta Marv [Visitor] ·
That is so bizarre...?

I mean, who will take care of all of the displaced lizards? THINK of the lizards, man.,..!
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