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Did the Union really win?

Well, it's back to school day for the kids. After 2 weeks of rain and cool weather, it's time to hit the books and make up for lost time. Although it seems to be hard to find any information that outlines what the actual agreement consists of, it would seem there has been some concession between the BCTF and our agressive provincial government.

I'm starting to wonder if the government has been reading my blog. I read on a national news article today that the government is using part of the money that would have gone to wages during the strike is going to be used to pay for the cost of addressing the issues of class sizes and special needs assistance. The interesting part seems to be that only "part" of the monies saved by the government will be used in this manner.

What'll happen with the rest of the money? I doubt I'll be getting a cheque in the mail similar to what ICBC sends out when they make too much money; although that might be an interesting way to soften up the public. At least we can rest assured that they're not building us any fast ferries!

I'm glad the strike is over and we're getting back to work. Hopefully, the teacher's were able to achieve their goal of making education more effective for students.

Mickael Maddison

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