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Download my music from iTunes

Yesterday I had some more good news. I was doing a search on iTunes and thought I'd see if my tracks were available for download. Sure enough, when I searched for "maddison" I was greeted with the distinct blue album cover for my EP, Free.

When I started this project just over a year ago, my intention was to some of my songs recorded onto a CD as a personal goal. I didn't expect I'd get any airplay. I didn't expect to have thousands of people from around the world watching my music videos, and I definitely didn't expect to have my music listed on iTunes.

That's not to say I wasn't open to it. I just didn't realize that people would actually like the music enough to play it in their cars, stores and iPods. I knew I'd send it out to friends and family; music isn't much good if you don't share it with someone, right?

Well, my expectations have been blown away. It still seems strange to hear my songs on the radio and to actually be asked when the next CD will be ready. If anything has inspired me musically, it's been the people who've expressed their support that have really given me cause to push my CD as far as it can go and start thinking about performing live.

So, anyone out there that hasn't watched the video's from my website,, or if you don't have a copy of the CD, here's a couple of options for you.

1) If you don't already have iTunes, you can download it "Free" from
Once you get set up, you can log into the music store and download any of the tracks you like for $0.99. I would suggest starting with "Drink" or "When I'm Free".

2) You can order the actual CD from CD Baby

3) You can enter to win a free copy by subscribing for my newletters on my site at

Thanks for all the support.

Mickael Maddison

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