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Stick it to ya democracy.

It was a turning point for sure. When I saw our smiling premier's face on the news the other night, I knew our great leader had done something to further sour their curdled milk.

It's still very fresh in our memories; How aggressively the government battled to break down the Teacher's Union and force them back to work to try and maintain their policy of 0% wage increases. It seemed at that time that democracy was quickly being replaced by some form of elected dictatorship, where it only takes a few hours for laws to be created and passed to break down opposition. When I heard Premier Gordon Campbell report that our MLA's voted unanimously to give themselves a pay raise, I was stunned. To even consider giving themselves a raise after taking the hard stance against every union contract that has come up recently is simply disgusting.

While I'm all for getting our economy on track and our debts paid off, what I am not able to support is this self-righteous double standard we're seeing from our elected representatives. They stand up and preach their policies that will create economic growth and prosperity through the short term sacrifice of benefit and wage increases, until it's their turn to do the same. It's not just bad politics, it's bad morals to boot.

Now the people of our province have spoken out. The NDP reports that they've asked our Premier to back off and not to submit the documents for royal assent. However, that's one of the problems with our democrocy. Once elected, they can stick their policies to others, and for the next few years, there's little we can do about it.

Mickael Maddison

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