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Mickael Maddison 0:0 through 9:(-1)


0:1 Badaboom and all that superfluous greeting stuff to y’all!

1:1 Alright… I haven’t posted much here in awhile so I’m going to post something NOW. 1:2 It’s not that there hasn’t been anything happening. 1:3 As a matter of fact it’s quite the opposite. 1:4 We played what was supposed to be a 2 piece show at On the Rocks. 1:5 Unexpectedly, Dusty arrived in time and the virginal trio went to town on some tunes. 1:6 We ROCKED! 1:7 Stated by an inordinate number of audience members. 1:8 We’ve also been practicing up. 1:9 It’s not like we have only 6 songs these days. 1:10 We’ve got 20+ tracks to lock down and hold under water until they come up gasping for air. 1:11 Work has also been a factor. 1:12 Yes, even rockers like us need to eat and pay for things like socks and duct tape. 1:13 This Friday I will be performing live (not dead) downtown on 300 Block of Victoria Street. 1:14 Chris and Dusty will be joining me at unknown intervals during the set as they arrive on the scene. 1:15 More airplay information to report. 1:16 More Internet radio stations have begun broadcasting the new songs. 1:17 Retrospectus?

2:1 Further to the situation with the band, Dusty Kamps is now the official and fully tolerable drummer. 2:2 And as you’ve been expressely notified, Chris Brock is not slacking in any way as he hammers out amazing bass lines and vocal harmonies. 2:3 These guys scare me, but most of all they’ll scare you. 2:4 People like to be scared so be sure to come out and see us live. 2:5 Don’t worry, we have a chain link fence around us to protect the audience from us carnivores. 2:6 Did someone say virginal?

3:1 Out of order but not out of context, again On the Rocks was a great time. 3:2 Ye shall not wither and wimper because ye missed yonder show. 3:3 Ye shall arriveth forthwith on May 23rd for our cometh performance. 3:4 Come forth and be forgiven

4:1 This Friday is not tomorrow but the next day. 4:2 Time is 4PM to 6PM. 4:3 Location is 300 Block of Victoria Street. 4:4 That’s in Kamloops, not Victoria 4:5 I’m guessing I’ll be across from Boston Pizza and in front of the Blue Grotto area. 4:6 It’s free to walk the streets downtown so you are welcome to attend. 4:7 Although tithing is optional, we suggest 10% of your annual gross income be deposited into our clothing during the performance. 4:8 As Chris and Dusty will arrive at various times, you will get a very interesting mix of solo-acoustic through to 2 piece and 3 piece performances.

5:1 98.3 CIFM continues to provide airplay for “Sweet Misery". 5:2 I hear the truth of the matter from the lips of those who love and request the song. 5:3 I have also heard the evidence directly by mine own ears. 5:4 Continue to send your requests to 5:5 CIFM will love you for it. 5:6 And I shall love you unto the end of the earth or the end of my days. 5:7 Which will come first is debatable these days.

6:1 The Maximum Threshold has been achieved. 6:2 If you don’t follow me you should. 6:3 What I mean is, is now playing my songs. 6:4 They played them today! 6:5 These guys love indie rock and metal… have a listen… request Sweet Misery or Red Glaring Eyes. 6:6 Dom will thank you. 6:7 As will I

7:1 I am in the United Kingdom. 7:2 My divine nature allows me to be in many places at one time. 7:3 You can verify this by visiting 7:4 You will find my name in the alphabetized list, most likely under M as both my first and last name begin there. 7:5 I’m not sure if my parents realized that they could have named me aaarnold aaardvarkiann and that I would have been first in line for pretty much everything. 7:6 No matter. 7:7 Thanks to Celtica Radio you can listen to me on their great UK station. 7:8 We pay homage to their great support.

8:1 At this time, my friends, I must leave you. 8:2 Not for want or desire, but for the sake of opportunity. 8:3 My humanity insists that I profess today as Earth Day. 8:4 On this of all days I sacrificed billions of billions of billions of electrons sourced from nearby rivers in order to bring you these words. 8:5 Do not wait in anguish for the coming of our next show. 8:6 Instead, prepare yourselves for my arrival. 8:7 Ye shall all know the time and place of our arrival.

9:0 Mickael Maddison 9:(-1) a.k.a. Clinically Insane.

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