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Paul Martin vs. Steven Harper

The worst part about the federal election, is the intense feeling of hopelessness that manifests within as we listen to the partisan commercials and leader's debates. After much consideration, I've come to believe that, although there may currently be no country in the world with a better governmental system than ours, today's democracy is far from literal.

It seems hardly a week goes by where Paul Martin finds himself defending his party in the face of another scandal or RCMP probe. Our current Prime Minister is watching as the country begins to envision some future 'breaking story' that shows his entire party being arrested. Top that off with reports of his party being on the verge of bankruptcy, and it's clear to me which party I simply can not vote for. The accusations may have nothing to do with some, even most of the actual Liberal Party members and supporters, there's a definite dark cloud surrounding them.

Now that Stephen Harper seems to be gaining ground, many of us Canadians find ourselves looking to him for that glimmer of fair weather that can break our political depression. As the campaign of dragging the Liberals through the mud continues, Canadians are warming up to the thought that a change of government is absolutely necessary. Regardless of what either party promises, as campaign promises have long proven to be smoke in the wind, we expect change will in some way help to restore our faith in government; if just for a moment.

Whichever party successfully squeezes the Liberals from power, the only thing I truly hope to see is a reduction in corruption. We need a party that can go to Ottawa, take control, do good things and even make mistakes. If they can pull of a full-term of government without inducing anything equivalent to the sponsorship scandal. If they can actually reach down through the layers of bureaucracy and keep our hospitals emergency rooms open and running efficiently. If they can stand up for human rights. If they can protect victims instead of criminals. If they can stand up to our southern neighbors and demand that they return the money they stole from us and take action if they refuse. If they can at least do a halfway decent job of looking after these issues, chances are we'll be a lot further ahead of where we are today.

Mickael Maddison

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