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Myspace and Toyota team up for record deal


According to the notice I received from MySpace, Toyota Music and MySpace Records are working together to connect MySpace artists and musicians with an opportunity to win a recording contract and a selection of Fender gear. These types of online contests to select a garage or emerging rock band are interesting in that they have the appearance of bringing the internet community together with grass-roots artists. These contests also give the appearance of being democratic in that they allow the internet community to collaborate and vote on their favorite songs to try and push them to the top.

This whole concept is a great idea, however there are some major flaws that come into play here. First, most of these contests allow voters to vote many times, play the tracks many times, vote down other artists by ranking them as 0’s, or creating automated tools to trick systems into counting illegitimate votes. Then other systems that require voters to log in and allow a single vote and watch for voters that are attempting to create false entries have the effect of minimizing the number of people that actually sign up to participate in the voting. Who wants to sign up at sites all the time just to vote? We all have enough logins all over the net right?

The best part of this whole thing, is that, even with all the flaws and potential for thwarting the system through various means, that the music business is evolving and changing right before our eyes. Over time these issues will get sorted out, and major record labels (should they survive) will adapt new ways of finding and promoting their artists to the world. The flood of music hitting the net every day is overwhelming at best, but in the end it means more people are able to take active roles in art and that is generally a good thing.

Anyway… be sure to have a listen to the cassette and use the “Grab this” tab to post the cassette on your website!

Mickael Maddison

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