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What do Canadian Idol, Katelyn Dawn, Tea, and Mickael Maddison all have in common?

Asked by philosophers worldwide, I have decided it’s time to reveal the connection to one of the greatest mysteries of the world.

It all started with CBC’s “New Music Canada” program. I posted my first CD to the new music website and after a few months I received an email from Clay Phillips. Clay captains Toronto Experimental Artists - Clay Phillips, which explodes to become the “Toronto Experimental Artists". Clay had invited me to place “In Her Eyes” on their Volume 10 compilation CD.

This turned out to be a good move. This lead to some online interviews, and some local recognition. Back in January Candi McNeil of Indie Talent put together an hour-long interview and song showcase with one half hour covering myself, and the other half featuring Katelyn Dawn. Katelyn Dawn is another artist showcased on the TEA Volume 10 Compilation CD - Katelyn Dawn.

Well for those of us who spend a little time on the tube, particularly watching “Canadian Idol", you’ll recognize Winnipeg’s Katelyn Dawn as one of our top 24 contestants this year. Katelyn is a mild 18 years old and according to the CTV website, has already put out 2 albums.

I can’t say I’ve ever met Katelyn or spoken to her. We’ve never shared a stage or gone rock climbing together. But for a moment in our musical history our paths crossed thanks to the Clay from TEA.

So there you go. Mystery Solved. All ye professors of philosophical nature may new relax and be spellbound by the sheer simplicity of it all.
As for me, I’m continuing recording my next CD, playing live shows, and as time permits, I’ll be watching Idol and watching Katelyn progress through the competition.

Mickael Maddison

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