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Ok. We already know our health care system is a little out of whack. It can take days/weeks/months/years to get treatment for pretty much anything, that's nothing new. Today I realized something different to all that. As I sit here suffering through… more »


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At what point does the artist's work become a painting? How many notes must a musician play before it's music? How many letters or words must be written to be considered a story or a poem? When does it all begin? Before a painter can open her pai… more »


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I just read an article on the federal initiative to make it easier for our First Nations to secure a mortgage for homes on their Indian band reserve land. According to the article, banks rarely mortgage homes on reserves as legally they have no recourse… more »


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Some days it's like we're automatons, cruising through our lives on autopilot occasionally experiencing a few moments of consciousness. I doubt it matters much what you do for a living: web geek, rock star, business czar, steroid laden athlete, contribu… more »

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In our world, there just doesn't seem to be enough thorough discussion or consideration of ourselves and our societies. We all seem to want to blame anyone else but ourselves for the problems we face in our lives. We suffer from a lack of responsibility for how we effect the world around us. So, in an attempt to grow spiritually, I find myself searching for answers to many questions, and generally being dissatisfied with the answers provided by church, state and even friends and families.


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