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Infra-Red/UV Video Image Segmentation Technique Theory

October 27th, 2010
 Infra-Red/UV Video Image Segmentation Technique TheoryMickael Maddison, May 2010 Currently the movie and photography industries utilize techniques often referred to as “chroma-key”, “luma-key” or “thermo-key” to film subjects for the purpose of… more »

When business and music collide

April 29th, 2010
Here's my story for today.I was performing downtown and it was windy and cold.  Fortunately the KCBIA was kind enough to provide a tiny space heater.  Unfortunately I had nothing to set it on so all it did was warm my feet.  It's very hard to play guitar… more »

Nanaimo - Airplay - The Wolf - Sweet Misery

January 9th, 2009
It's been awhile since I've been back stomping around Vancouver Island... Check this out... this Sunday evening at 6pm the Nanaimo station, CHWF 1069 The Wolf is featuring Sweet Misery during Fresh Tracks. Fresh Tracks is their Sunday night feature show… more »

CD Release "In Loving Misery"

December 1st, 2008
Building on the successes of his debut EP "Free", Mickael Maddison is releasing his emotionally charged 10 song album "In Loving Misery"; both a wide-angle lense into his life and relationships, and a tribute to the memory of his father. "...having previ… more »