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Rocking out in 40 degree C. weather


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Rocking out in 40 degree C. weather

Sunday was hot. According to the stats, Kamloops reached a record 40.4 degrees celcius. At about 1pm, the temperature was approximately 39 degrees celcius, and that was about the time that we hit the stage.

Singing and playing guitar in that kind of heat proved to be difficult. According to the feedback we receieved from the crowd we sounded excellent, but as a player I have never sweat so hard before. The simple act of palm-muting power chords was far more difficult than normal. The guitar was so slippery!

It was an amazing experience all around. Playing through the huge sound system was fun; knowing that my tunes were being blasted throughout the park, clear down to the river. It was good to get my first ever live performance with a guitar and microphone down. Dan and Jonathan did an amazing job, impressing many.

After the show was another story... it took a long time to get cooled off enough to pack up and get home. The next day I felt a little off, but soon recovered. Now I'm looking forward to our first show in Vancouver... looks like a small show at "The Waldorf" is on the roster.

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