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I won a trip for 2 to Yugoslavia


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I won a trip for 2 to Yugoslavia

Finally I've won a vacation!! I had entered the contest at a booth in Aberdeen Mall awhile ago, and promptly forgot about it. Today, the papers arrived confirming my award of a 7 night stay in a 5 star hotel in Belgrade, the capital of Yugoslavia. The trip is for two and includes $750 spending money, which should go a long way. For me, this is amazing news as I'm not known for winning prizes, with the exception of the iPod over a year ago.

There are 3 sets of dates that are up for grabs. June 10th to 17th, August 18-25th, and September 17th to 24th. June is definitely not going to happen as I'll be sticking close to home to participate in the birth of our third child. As far as which date after that, the dates largely depend on who I can convince to come with me. Since my wife won't be able to travel for awhile, I''m now on the hunt for someone who can take approximately 9 days off over the August or September dates.

I can't say I know much about Yugoslavia or Belgrade, but what better way is there to get to know another country other than visiting it? Anyway, If you're someone I know and you're interested in coming along let me know as soon as you can... If I get enough interest I might have to do a little sub-lottery for the extra seat!

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