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I need the music and I need it NOW!


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I need the music and I need it NOW!

Link: http://www.burnasong.com/the_unit.html

Today I stumbled onto a website with an interesting business idea. A hi-tech kiosk that allows you to plunk in your coins, credit cards or those rare bills in exchange for a custom made music CD. The company claims you can burn songs from the top 4 record labels, plus one of the worlds major independant music labels.

I thought the idea to be quite appealing. Immediately I could picture myself on campus or at an airport with nothing better to do than update my music collection. I spoke with a sales rep from the company, and have been told to expect to see these hi-tech monsters in Canada sometime in the coming year.

If you're looking for a business idea and a few million bucks to spend, you could be the first major partner in Canada to begin rolling these out. With a little modification, I bet these guys could even convert these machines for "Drive-Through" convenience. Wouldn't that be a blast?

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